What Can I Donate?

These are the food items you can donate:-

Milk (UHT or powder, preferably semi-skimmed)

Breakfast Cereal (preferably non-sugared)

Tin/Carton/Packet Soup

Fruit Juice (carton long life)

Fruit Squash/Cordial

Pasta Sauce/Cooking Sauces

Tin/Carton Rice/Sponge Pudding/Custard

Tin/Carton Tomatoes

Pasta/Rice/Cous Cous 500g/1kg)

Tinned Vegetables

Tea Bags (40’s/80’s), Coffee (small)

Potato (Instant Mash or tinned)

Tinned Meat/Fish

Tinned Fruit (in juice preferably)

Sugar (500g/1kg)

Biscuits, Crackers, Crispbreads

Healthy Snacks (Raisins, Apricots etc)

and these are the non-food items you can donate:-

Can Opener

Shower Gel



Anti-Bac Hand Gel

Tooth Brush/Toothpaste

Children’s Toothbrush/Paste


Tissues (handy/handbag packs)

Nappies (all sizes)

Baby Wipes

Baby Lotion

Sanitary Towels (not tampons)

Toilet Roll

Shaving Gel/Foam (not razors)

Washing Up Liquid

2 thoughts on “What Can I Donate?”

  1. Hi there
    I am a general manager of a restaurant and we recently have changed our crockery so I have over 100 plates and bowls to give away. I wondered if you would like these if your in high demand. Let me know and can arrange them to be picked up/ dropped.

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