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BCFB 2023 Impact Report - Over half a million meals provided

BCFB 2023 Impact Report

27th February 2024


The BCFB 2023 Impact Report focuses on the data collected from our network of foodbanks across the Black Country in 2023. With a record number of over half a million meals provided last year, the report shows the continual effect of the cost of living crisis and how many people have been forced to live with a negative budget, where there is simply not enough money to pay for the essentials.

Please read this report knowing that we aim to meet a deep need, while fighting for a time where everyone has equal opportunities. We encourage you to share the BCFB 2023 Impact Report far and wide in the hope that we can encourage people to continue to support our mission and donate with both physical donations and financial contributions, to enable us to continue to support the crisis that is food poverty. Thank you.