How do I become a Voucher Holder

Learn more about what it means to help your clients through a crisis

Why become a Voucher Holder?

By holding our vouchers your service users can access emergency food and essentials.

  • We provide a short term (3 to 5) food and toiletries provision while you continue to support beneficiaries through the problems they face.
  • At our distribution centres across the Black Country our Foodbank volunteers offer a friendly face, refreshments (at some, not all) and the opportunity for a chat. This can help reduce isolation and provide a safe space to access further assistance.
  • Our Foodbank provision is nutritionally balanced to help keep people healthy, encouraging them make positive choices and feel better as they face difficult times. …If we can accommodate special dietary requirements we will.
  • We entrust our vouchers, our name and our reputation to around 300 agencies to ensure that food goes to people in genuine need and we work hard to ensure transparency and inter agency working.
  • We are supported by a network of hundreds of local individuals, churches, schools, supermarkets and businesses to ensure a sustainable stream of quality provision to your beneficiaries.


At Black Country Foodbank we link genuine need to the generosity of local community. The Foodbank service is free to use but is neither without value nor without cost. Please consider how you can support our service.

If you would like to know more please
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