Array of recipe bags

Recipe Bags

How we use ambient items to create healthy and nutritious meals

What is a Recipe Bag

We first introduced the Black Country Foodbank Recipe Bag as a pilot project in December 2021 funded by Sandwell SCVO. The aim was to breathe life into the standard food parcel that families receive when in crisis.

The ambition of the recipe bag was to:

  • Utilise ambient food stuffs from within a food parcel to create heathy and nutritious meals
  • Work with foodbanks and schools to develop key life skills
  • Partner with agencies to support the needs of the wider community.



The project has continued to be a success, with recipe bags being handed out as an addition to a food parcel at our foodbanks, encouraging families to cook a meal with the ambient ingredients.


Today we have 20 different recipe bag meals offering a variety of recipes including chilli con carne, fish cakes, chicken casserole and cottage pie to name a few – an example of a recipe card can be found here.

Each recipe bag contains a step by step recipe card with a QR code to watch a video demonstrating how to cook the meal.

How can you support this project

All of the recipe bag ingredients can be found on our shopping list for our food parcels, with the addition of some seasoning. If you would like an alternative way to donate to Black Country Foodbank, then why not fill some recipe bags for us, and give a family a nutritious meal to cook.

We can either supply you with the list of ingredients for a specific meal. Or if you would like to fill some recipe bags as part of a larger donation either on your own or as part of a group, we can supply you with the bags and recipe bags. Get in touch today to find out how you can support us.