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27th October 2023


Christmas 2023 is here!

Christmas is the time of year when we see so much generosity and kindness. We meet so many wonderful people, community groups, faith groups and businesses who want to support their local community.

Christmas Resources:

Please donate Christmas items as close to Christmas as you can so we have plenty of time to distribute them to people.

This is so we can make sure that everyone receives the items in time for Christmas.

What is a Reverse Advent Calendar?

A Reverse Advent Calendar is a wonderful alternative to the traditional Advent calendar. Instead of receiving a small gift or treat each day leading up to Christmas, participants in a Reverse Advent Calendar gather items to donate to those in need. Everyone can take part, in your workplace, school, community group, faith group or as a family on the run up to Christmas.


Here’s how you can create and participate in a Reverse Advent Calendar:


  1. Choose a Container: Select a box, basket, or another container to hold your collected items.
  2. Create a Calendar: Determine the number of days you want your Reverse Advent Calendar to run. Traditionally, Advent calendars have 24 days, but you can adapt it as you wish. If you’re starting late, don’t worry; the main idea is to contribute what you can. If you don’t complete it then don’t worry, every donation counts!
  3. Collect Items: Each day, add a non-perishable food item and/or toiletry items to your container.
  4. Spread the Word: Share your Reverse Advent Calendar journey on social media or within your community. Encourage others to join you in the effort, either by creating their own calendars or contributing to yours.
  5. Deliver the Donations: Once your Reverse Advent Calendar is complete, you can drop the donations here. Make sure to check their opening hours before you make the journey.

Your support helps those in need and also builds community and generosity over Christmas.


If you would like more information then please call 01384 671250 or email 

Thank you and Merry Christmas!