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Sainsbury’s Amblecote Food Drive 2019

25th June 2019

Sainsbury’s is one of the oldest supermarket chains running today, and is 150 years strong! We are proud to celebrate with one of our local and community driven stores in Amblecote for their ongoing devotion to BCFB over the past 5 years. They diligently host a trolley for donations at the front of their store, which is then collected by van by our volunteer drivers every week. Which, brilliantly, ends up being several trolley loads.

Also, as part of the company’s landmark activities, they are giving their staff members the opportunity to join us at the Warehouse for a shift-or-two, in lieu of their regular store duties over several weeks. This has widened their knowledge of the level of deprivation being faced in our community, and will also allow them to better advise customers of suitable products that make up the many nutritious food parcels given out at our Distribution Centres if necessary. All who have taken part have been very complimentary and worked extremely hard, so thankyou to them for committing this time.

Finally, the Amblecote Store in Sandringham Way is having a Food Drive (also listed on our website) on the 20th July, 10am-4pm. We will be alongside Sainsbury’s voluntary staff at the front of store to help raise customer awareness of our charity and the work done in the area, develop public relationships and advise of useful products we send out from BCFB. We will have a van on-site to collect donations made on the day.  This has all been very kindly organised by Julie Bate, who is the Community Champion at the store and is very pro-active on our behalf.

We are looking forward to having positive conversations with members of the public and we are constantly amazed by their generosity!